The Parent Corner

The Parent Corner 


Get Involved Make A Difference:

One of the best ways to get involved at the Mott Hall School is to volunteer for the PTA (Parent Teacher Association) and or the SLT (School Leadership Committee). The PTA, SLT and its sub-committees need your input.

A special welcome to our incoming 2019-2020 Parent Teacher Association Executive Board:

  • Chiaki Torisu-PTA President
  • Abigail Camacho- PTA Secretary
  • Nataly Benenson- PTA Treasurer

The general meetings of the PTA are every third Wednesday of the month.

Important Dates:


Character Trait:

What Teens Need Most From Their Parents: attached please find a copy of the article and a link to the video share in our Coffee with the Principal. The article and video are very informative.

What Teens Need Most From Their Parents.docx 

Video link :