Our Dress  Code Policy :

is intended to help our school promote a more effective learning environment. As stated in clause A-655 of the Chancellor's Regulations, the use of a uniform dress code helps to foster school unity and pride. In addition, it eliminates label competition; simplifies dressing, and minimizes costs to parents. Wearing a uniform teaches children appropriate dress and decorum in school and in their future "work"places/careers. Additionally, wearing a uniform helps to improve student conduct and discipline. When your parents and you applied for admission to The Mott Hall School, you were
made aware of our Uniform Dress Code Policy. It is imperative, therefore, that you
adhere to the dress policy. The Mott Hall School is committed to creating an atmosphere focused on academic
achievement and personal development. To this end, the school subscribes to a strict
dress code. At all times clothing must be neat, clean, and in good repair. 

The Official Mott Hall School uniform is:
• A dark blue polo shirt /shirt
• Khaki pants or skirt. Skirts must be knee-length or longer
• A plain navy blue blazer/vest, or plain navy blue sweater (cardigan or pullover)
• Plain black, flat closed shoes or sneakers
• Girls may wear plain navy blue knee-high socks or tights
• Undershirts or T-shirts must be tucked in and not visible. Boys must wear belts at
all times.
• Students are expected to dress appropriately for school every day. Shirttails must  be
tucked in, pants worn at the waist, and Polo shirts must fall between wrist and

The following will not be accepted during the school day:

  • Hoodies (Any student who violates this policy will have his/her hoodie confiscated)
  •  Denim Jackets
  •  Sweater/sweatshirts must be MHS navy blue if worn during the school day and this includes in the cafeteria, schoolyard, and hallways.
  •  Head coverings, bandannas, scarves or hats (except those dictated by religious observance) (Any student who violates this policy will have his/her accessory confiscated)
  •  Rain /snow boots (Uggs are acceptable if they are black, brown, or navy blue) maybe worn only on days with inclement weather. However, students must wear sneakers for Physical Education class regardless of weather.



 Physical Education Uniform:

Students are required to wear the designated Physical Education attire to school only on their scheduled physical education days.

The Mott Hall School Physical Education uniform is :

  • A dark blue "t" shirt 
  • Sweatpants with MHS logo 
  • Black sneakers

Students should have enough clean and pressed blouses/shirts, skirts, pants, etc to dress appropriately from Monday - Friday

Dress Down Days

Students are required to wear their uniform during all days unless a dress down day is approved by the Principal

The following  will not be accepted on dress down days: 

  •  Shorts or cutoffs
  • Sleeveless shirts ( this includes all forms of tank tops)
  • Midriff or cut off shirts

Parents will be notified if the Uniform Dress Code Policy is not adhered to. Please refer to chart on page 7 of the student agenda planner for the appropriate disciplinary actions.