MHS Uniform Policy (23/24)

The MHS Uniform Policy is intended to help our school promote a more effective learning environment and to foster school unity and pride. We're all team Mott Hall!  

MHS School Uniform

  • MHS Polo (must have MHS logo)
  • MHS Sweatshirt or plain navy blue cardigan/zip-up sweater
  • Khaki pants/skirts/shorts
    • Note: shorts are only permitted from September to October 15th & May 15th to June.

MHS PE Uniform (only worn on days with PE)

  • MHS PE t-shirt with logo
  • MHS PE sweatpants/joggers or MHS gym shorts
  • Tennis Shoes

Not permitted at MHS:

  • Crocs or slides
  • Slippers
  • Leggings

Update: As of this school year, students are no longer required to wear all black shoes on non-PE days! 

Uniform Options & Ordering Information

We are now working with Peligro, a local small business, to provide uniforms. They may be ordered at anytime using the link below!

MHS School Uniform Store [LINK]

 Uniform Flyer Peligro