The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 9, 2020 at 6 PM. The access information is as follows: English Session:

Dear Mott Hall Families,  

I hope this email finds your family well! This is an unprecedented time for our students and educators, but we are pleased to announce that we anticipate the return to our classrooms in some capacity this fall.  The return to school will pose challenges, but we are confident and will move forward in a way that best serves the needs of our community while also achieving a safe environment for ALL. 

This week, families of students who have opted for Blended Learning, received information on the days their child would be coming to school.  Families of students who opted for 100% Remote Learning will receive a detailed schedule of classes and times in September.  All students in Blended Learning Model and Remote Learning Model will be engaged in learning from 8:15 am to 1:45 pm daily.   

We are working to prepare our building and prepare instruction that  accommodates the DOE Safety/Health and instructional guidelines. My intention and that of my colleagues is that everyone returns feeling at ease and confident.  

We are inviting you to our Parent Town Hall to discuss the following:  

  • Safety and Health Protocols 
  • Learning Plan and Expectations 
  • Communication Protocols 

The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 2, 2020 at 6 PM.  The access information is as follows: 

Dear Mott Hall Families,



I hope this email finds your family well! We will be meeting for our weekly Town Hall to discuss the following:

  • Safety and Health Protocols
  • Continuity of Learning Plan 
  • Student Orientation 
  • Student First Day of Instruction
  • Student Schedules and Group Assignments for All students (Blended and Remote)

The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 9, 2020 at 6 PM. The access information is as follows: 


English Session:


Meeting ID: 956 2904 2207

Passcode: e4wK7Q

Please continue to use the DOE link; DOE family website, to access Chancellor Updates on School Reopening Plans for Fall 2020. 

Thank you for your continued support.  Looking forward to seeing you at the Parent Town Hall. 

In your gratitude, 

Principal De Los Santos

La reunión está programada para el jueves 10 de septiembre de 2020 a las 6 p.m. La información de acceso es la siguiente:

 CARTA EN Español: 


Estimadas familias de Mott Hall, 


¡Espero que su familia se encuentren! Los invitamos a nuestra reunion de Padres para dialogar lo siguiente: 

• Protocolos de seguridad y salud 

• Plan de aprendizaje 

• Dia de Orientacion para Estudiantes


• Comienzo de Clases 

• Horarios de Estudiantes y Grupos Asignados -



La reunión está programada para el jueves 10 de septiembre de 2020 a las 6 p.m. La información de acceso es la siguiente: 


Sesión en Español: 

 Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 982 1725 5679
Passcode: 4GsUj9  

Continúe utilizando el enlace DOE, DOE family website, para acceder a las actualizaciones del Canciller sobre los planes de reapertura de escuelas para el otoño de 2020. 

Gracias por su continuo apoyo. Esperamos verte en la Reunion de Padres. 

En su gratitud, 

Directora De Los Santos 


Dear Parents, 

Did you know that you could track your child’s education on any computer, phone, or tablet? The NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) is an app that lets you see your student’s grades, attendance, fitness results, schedule, and more from anywhere and in all DOE languages: Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, English, French, Haitian Creole, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Urdu. 

You can sign up for an account by entering a few basic details. This will allow you to begin receiving notifications from the DOE. It only takes five minutes.  First, contact me, Evelyn Camacho-Moran, the Parent Coordinator at Contacting me via email is the easiest way to confirm your identity. Please include in your email, your child’s name and ossis id number, which can be found on any report card or progress report. If you do not have your child’s ossis id number please email me so that we might have a conversation

After you have emailed me, I will send you instructions and a creation code to login to your NYCSA account. 

Thank you, 

Evelyn Camacho-Moran 

Parent Coordinator The Mott Hall School/IS223 

NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) es una aplicación que le permite ver las calificaciones Y MUCHO MAS

Queridos padres,

¿Sabía que puede realizar un seguimiento de la educación de su hijo en cualquier computadora, teléfono o tableta? NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) es una aplicación que le permite ver las calificaciones, asistencia, resultados de acondicionamiento físico, horarios de su estudiante y más desde cualquier lugar y en todos los idiomas del DOE: árabe, bengalí, chino, inglés, francés, criollo haitiano, coreano, Ruso, español y urdu.

Puede registrarse para obtener una cuenta ingresando algunos detalles básicos. Esto le permitirá comenzar a recibir notificaciones del DOE. Solo toma cinco minutos. Primero, comuníquese conmigo, Evelyn Camacho-Moran, la coordinadora de padres en Ponerse en contacto conmigo por correo electrónico es la forma más sencilla de confirmar su identidad. Incluya en su correo electrónico el nombre de su hijo y el número de identificación de ossis, que se pueden encontrar en cualquier boleta de calificaciones o informe de progreso. Si no tiene el número de identificación de ossis de su hijo, envíeme un correo electrónico para que podamos tener una conversación

Después de que me haya enviado un correo electrónico, le enviaré instrucciones y un código de creación para iniciar sesión en su cuenta de NYCSA.


Evelyn Camacho-Moran

Coordinador de padres The Mott Hall School / IS223






Hello everyone, 
The students have been posting their work to a website to create a virtual art show and it is ready to view! To access the show, you will need to click here and enter the password: artshow2020
You can enlarge photos by clicking on them and "like" posts by clicking the heart icon on the bottom of the post. I've attached a short video I made explaining the website, if you'd rather see a visual. Here is the video link: 
There should be an email going out to all families today, but if you could please also encourage students and parents to view the show, that would be great! I attached the full flyer to this email as a PDF and .jpg.
Thank you for taking the time to look at this! Reach out with any questions or concerns. Enjoy!
Ms. Marksteiner



Hola a todos,

¡Los estudiantes han estado publicando su trabajo en un sitio web para crear un espectáculo de arte virtual y está listo para ver! Para acceder al programa, deberá hacer clic aquí e ingresar la contraseña: artshow2020
Aquí está la URL web:

Puede ampliar las fotos haciendo clic en ellas y haciendo clic en "Me gusta" haciendo clic en el ícono del corazón en la parte inferior de la publicación. Adjunto un breve video que hice explicando el sitio web, si prefieres ver un visual. Aquí está el enlace del video:

Debería enviarse un correo electrónico a todas las familias hoy, pero si pudieran animar a los estudiantes y padres a ver el espectáculo, ¡sería genial! Adjunté el folleto completo a este correo electrónico como PDF y .jpg.

¡Gracias por tomarse el tiempo de ver esto! Póngase en contacto con cualquier pregunta o inquietud. ¡Disfrutar!

Ms. Marksteiner




  • Awarded National Blue Ribbon School by the United States Department of Education, No Child Left Behind Act
  • New York State Reward School 2012-2016
  • National Dance Institute Program  for 25 years
  • Urban Advantage Science Partners
  • Street Projects
  • City College of New York Partnership
      • School of Science 
      • School of Engineering 
      • School of Architecture
      • AAron Davis Film Series
      • NFTE (National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship
      • Math Counts Contest


The goal of the Mott Hall School’s curriculum is the development of skilled students who are self-directed critical thinkers.


Young Scholars

Mott Hall students are considered young scholars. They learn subject matter through a constructivist and project-based approach using powerful learning techniques such as Socratic dialogues, literature circles, writing for student publications, digital film making and web site creation.

The curriculum is further enriched by its alignment to the Common Core NationalStandards. Students are offered accelerated special courses and seminars as well as special enrichment electives such as chess, robotics and stock market studies which engage them in real world investigations tied directly to student needs and interests.


Mott Hall has a technology rich environment. In an effort to confront the digital divide, we use the PupilPath online system to give       parents and students instant access to grades, attendance, and progress reports. 

Meet the Mott Hall Community

Advanced Studies In Mathematics, Science, and Technology

Judith De Los Santos-Peña, Principal