Breakfast and Lunch Classroom Procedures & Bathroom Procedures

Breakfast and Lunch Classroom Procedures


  • Breakfast and Lunch will be provided in “the classroom”
  • For Breakfast:
    • Students will be given a bag breakfast as they enter building and to straight to their class. They will maintain social distance (6 feet apart) and eat in the classroom.
  • For Lunch:
    • Lunch will be take place in classrooms during an assigned instructional period.  Lunch will be supervised and monitored to support hygiene and clean up procedures

Be Safe

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

  • Disinfect hands before and after you eat.

  • Wear your mask while talking and carefully remove it to eat. 

  • Keep social distancing (6 feet apart)

  • Stay in your seat and all times unless directed by teacher.

  • Raise your hand for assistance.
  • Do not sit on tables.

  • Keep belongings with you at all times.  This includes personal learning tools for working on assignments once you finish eating.
  • Listen to your lunch teacher’s directions.

  • Use your soft voice.

  • Only touch your food.

  • Show good table manners.

  • Be respectful of your area.

  • Use kind words.

  • Masks are worn after you eat.


  • Clean up your area.

  • Pick up garbage and place in the designated container.

  • Wipe area.

  • Ask for any assistance or supports you may need.




Bathroom Procedures



  1. There will be 2 hanging dots by the bathroom door
  2. Always check color of dot before going in.
    1. GREEN – means it’s available and you many enter. Students go in on GREEN.
    2. RED – means you must wait outside – 6 feet away



  1. Before you go in, please turn to RED so that others know it is occupied.  Use paper towel to flip the sign back to GREEN when done. Throw paper towel in wastebasket.
  • Only 2 students are allowed in the bathroom at one time.
  • When you wait your turn, keep back 6 feet (social distancing)
  • When bathroom is not in use, leave the door open for air flow and circulation.
  • After students use the bathroom, students must wash hands thoroughly for 20 seconds.


Bathrooms will be regularly monitored to ensure students are maintaining social distancing rules and washing hands.